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Thank you so much for attending KNC School of Beauty! As a Black female entrepreneur, it has always been extremely important to me to pay it forward and provide opportunities for emerging business like-minded individuals. Having a skincare line has always been my dream and I want to help other Black entrepreneurs who have similar goals and visions.

I’m forever grateful to be able to host this initiative with super boss babes like Nancy Twine, Melissa Butler, Trinity Mouzon and Shontay Lundy and create an educational platform for emerging and future Black entrepreneurs to learn how to navigate the beauty industry and successfully launch and grow their businesses.

Big thanks to my long term partner, Revlon, for their help in addressing the inequity within the beauty space and supporting KNC School of Beauty by covering tuition with a $25,000 donation to the NAACP Legal and Educational Fund.

Those who attended KNC School of Beauty have the chance for your graphic work to be featured on KNC Beauty’s Instagram, attend Revlon’s virtual Diversity Round Table in the Fall, host an Instagram takeover via @revlon or win a $10,000 prize from Revlon to help start or grow your current business.


All applicants must meet the following criteria and agree to the Terms & Conditions:

Attendees can submit for each semester assignment but you can only be selected for one prize.

Please submit to CONNECT@REVLON.COM with the semester # you’re submitting to and your name in the subject line. All proposals/graphic work to be sent as an attachment.

Submissions will be evaluated by the team at KNC Beauty. Evaluations for the assignments will be based on the following criteria.



Host an Instagram takeover via @Revlon to promote your brand and tell your brand story.


Submit a proposal on how your BIPOC owned beauty business/product aims to transform the beauty space. Proposal to be no more than 5 paragraphs.


Brand Vision (50%)

How does your business/product transform the beauty space?

Opportunity (25%)

What sets your brand apart from others in the space?

Plan (25%)

How does your brand/product plan to grow/evolve in the beauty space?

Learning from Adversity


Win the chance to attend Revlon’s virtual Diversity Roundtable this Fall.


Submit a description of a time you overcame an adverse experience and how you channeled it into a successful business opportunity.
Submissions to be no more than 5 paragraphs.


Experience (50%)

How does your business/product transform the beauty space?

Opportunity (25%)

What sets your brand apart from others in the space?

Growth (25%)

How did you grow as an entrepreneur from the experience?

Social Media, Marketing, Branding


Have your graphic work featured on KNC Beauty Instagram account.


Submit a re-imagined KNC Beauty Logo or graphic inspired by KNC Beauty.


Execution (50%)

Are all design elements enhancing the messaging?
 Does the design/graphic achieve and communicate a message?

Creativity & Innovation (25%)

Does the design improve existing brand aesthetic? 
Does the design have originality?

Aesthetics (25%)

Does the artistic value of form fall in line with KNC brand?



Win a financial prize of $10,000 to help start/grow your business.


Submit your business plan to Revlon.


Market opportunity (50%)

Is there a clear market need presented?
 Does the proposal suggest a viable way to meet that need?

Business Model (25%)

Does it show the brand’s plan for growth and how these funds would start/grow the business?

Messaging (25%)

How does the product/business transform and improve the beauty space?

view full Official Contest rules and terms and conditions