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"I'm obsessed with them, as a lot of makeup artists are. It just makes lipstick look much smoother and your lips look fuller, so if you’re wearing a lighter color your lips have a nice fullness or lushness about them."

Rachel Goodwin, Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I love to use KNC lip masks before an event for my makeup prep. They keep my lips super soft and moisturized. Plus they're so fun to use!" 

Kim Kardashian West

If you too suffer from the kind of chronic dry mouth that has you licking your lips LL Cool J style every five minutes, lip balm is never enough. Like a mini sheet mask for your mouth, KNC's all-natural collagen lip masks work to smooth and plump flaky lips in the time it takes to get a decent selfie--which you won't be able to resist wearing one of these. Whenever I use a KNC lip mask someone asks me if I got my lips injected.

Julie Schott, Elle's Senior Beauty Editor